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An Ecoscape
As soon as you step into Nisargha, you leave behind the madness of city-life and are embraced by the warmth of Nature. Designed to accommodate the abundance of Nature, each brick at this eco-friendly haven is guaranteed to impress.

The walls, at Nisargha, have been built in two-layers of hollow clay bricks that facilitate air circulation that keep the premises cool and pleasant. While the floors are made out of natural stone and clay that aid better insulation and comfort.

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Nisargha Nisargha Nisargha Nisargha Nisargha Nisargha

The wooden accents that underline the beauty of Nisargha are not merely of aesthetic value but are also recognised as sustainable and renewable resources. Hence, we have used old timber from demolished houses, and packing cases to lend beauty to Nisargha.

Brimming with earthern hues, Nisargha with its detailed design is flooded by natural light during the day. Large windows, sprawling patios and air channels increase the reach of natural light and optimises ventilation. And when the sun sets, the apartments come alive with the warmth of LED lights that conserve energy.

Business at Home
Who says you have to step out to seal a business deal? At Nisargha, you can do it a step away from your bedroom!

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Nisargha Nisargha Nisargha

Nisargha is replete with a Conference Room where you can hold key meeting and conduct business. The Conference Room is provided with the latest in technology and world-class facilities that add that something extra to your business dealings.

At Nisargha, we look to add a generous touch of pleasure to your stay. Hence, we have our very own in-house restaurant where you can entertain guests, mingle with your colleagues and leave behind your worries. Situated on the top-floor, the restaurant affords a panoramic view of the city’s skyline and is the perfect setting to relax and enjoy yourself.

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Nisargha Nisargha Nisargha

If you are looking to step out for a breather, then Nisargha is situated a hop, skip and jump away from the best shopping, entertainment and eating out options from the city.

Aesthetic Splendour
Nisargha is a nod to the traditional arts of vibrant India. Every wall and room is a torch-bearer for India’s dying arts and its talented artisans. Collected over a period of three years, each breath-taking piece weaves into the very fabric of Nisargha and renders it stunning.


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